Friday, September 18, 2009

“Shedding the Mess”

He is shedding my mess so I can give him my best. Everyday is a test, but in him, I rest.
Walking beside him, getting closer each day, letting him know I love him and giving him all the praise.
He is shedding the mess that does not belong, the mess that keeps me away from his throne. The layer’s that have piled up year after, after year; he is pulling it from me and making the way clear.
Oh, the years that the enemy has stole from me; he is shedding the mess, restoring the best, and setting me free.
Each layer is painful as he gets to the core; but I stand before him giving all I have so he can do more.
He is shedding the mess so others can see him, and not me. Through the trails and tests, there is a testimony.

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