Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Check, check, Yourself"

Check, check, yourself, before you wreck yourself, there’s a problem in you, I see. Those who are sittin in the pews, sayin Holy Spirit rain down on me. Are you really pure or is it a show for others to see.

Check, check, yourself, before you wreck yourself, are you were you should be. Thinkin you’re holier than thou, but inside you’re as filthy as can be.
Hello, hello can you hear me; am the Spirit that speaks within, don’t ignore me, come before me, allow me to change the man within. Or do you choose to be deaf and blind to the things that concern me, to the things that hold you, to the flesh that controls you. I'm sayin straighten up your act cause I'm about to expose the facts. You ain’t doin things right by me, cause I aint feelin no love comin from you to me.

Check, check, one two one two I gotta a holla in me. There’s people reading my book and they don’t see you representing me. Selfishness, pride, lust and greed are all they see, and you tellin them this is the way come follow me; no, no, no, that ain’t me. I need you to wear humility. Walkin in love so others can see me, not all you can be. That does not mean you’re weak you see; it just means you‘re my servant and you follow me.
Check, check, get it right; get it right, I may be here tomorrow, today or tonight. Come before me clean, pure and contrite. I don’t want any mess, only the best in my sight. Check, check, yourself, before you wreck yourself, and come right.
© 9/16/09

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