Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Pray me Through"

Don’t judge me; don’t judge me, until you walk a mile in my shoes. Don’t tell me what I ought to do. Don’t tell me; don’t tell me until you, take care of you.
Every time you point at me, there’s three pointing right back at you.
Don’t judge me; don’t judge me until you clean up your act. Don’t tell me nothin until your closet is in tack.
See I know you got some skeletons too, some bones that need to be unwrapping, that are still deep inside of you. It just happens to be that mine are in plain view; so let God do what he needs to do, so he gets the glory and his presence shine through. Cause let me tell you, it’s not gonna come from you, from what I can see you a hot mess too.
Stop looking at me, until you take a good look at you. Are you doin what God’s word says for you to do, are you being true to you.
Don’t be haughty with me, when you were once there to. It may not have been the same situation, but I know it was God, and not you.
Just pray that I keep the faith like you and stop judging me until I get my break through.
Don’t judge me; don’t judge me, just pray me through.

© 9/16/2009

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