Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite

God has many interesting ways of taking care of his children. A lot of times we are not aware of him working behind the scenes. We don’t know why we can’t move forward or go backward. We just have to trust him and stand still. Believe that he has everything under control.
Now why am I saying all this? Well, several weeks ago I encountered bed bug bites at the center I was staying in for my discipleship. My feet were so swollen I could hardly walk up and down the stairs. But I tried to make it to every class and service, regardless as to how I was feeling; which was pretty miserable. To give you an imaginary view of how swollen my feet were, think Fred Flintstone. Now it sounds funny but that’s how big they were. I was having an allergic reaction to the bed bugs. Now that wasn’t so unusual for me, because am allergic to any type of insect bite, I swell up on contact. Lawd forbid I get stung by a bee; I probably look like Pillsbury Dough Boy. I always thought bed bugs were a myth, you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” I use to laugh every time I heard someone say it. Now I know they actually do exist.

The director of the women’s ministry asked me to leave until I was able to move around again. Going back and forth to the emergency room for medication wasn’t doing me any good, I needed to be off my feet. She suggested that I get the right medical attention, because it didn’t look like an allergic reaction to bed bugs. To her it seemed to be something a little more serious.
Hurt and confuse, because I knew that was the problem. I packed my things and went to stay with some friends of mine; which is where I am now; and will be until they can get rid of the little pest. Uh yeah, they still have them and they’re worse than before. Now the director of the women’s ministry is being eaten alive, along with everyone else. Of course no one is having an allergic reaction to them; they just have discussing little bite all over their body.
Um, and to think that I almost went back because they hadn’t return any of my calls; I was just about to return because I thought that was what God told me to do, NOT!

I allowed my imagination to get the best of me. I thought I was being tempted to stay out of the program. I said, “Well, if they don’t call me back, I’ll just go anyway. The devil is a lie; I have to be obedient to what I heard in church on Sunday morning.” I had to check myself, because I almost went back with an attitude and no direction. I felt stupid when I found out that the bed bugs were still there. Then I started to question if I really heard Holy Spirit saying, “Go Back” to me during service or was I feeling guilty about staying away for so long. To be honest, I really didn’t want to go back this week because my birthday is Sunday. But I realize that if you want to be obedient to God’s will, you do what he wants you to do, because it’s not about you.

Am sure you’re asking what my next step will be. Uh, don’t know, just standing still to see what he says. That doesn’t mean I won’t go back, it just means I can’t until they resolve the problem.

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  1. I never knew bug bites really existed either! WOW! Thanks for the encouragement. God always knows best. Thank you also for reading my blogs. I am now following you and will visit your blogs frequently. Be blessed my friend!

    Happy Birthday!