Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Silence is Broken

2010 has come and gone. It's been awhile, actually it's been a year; but I'm breaking my silence. Sometimes it is better to say nothing when you don't know what to say.
I went through a lot of changes last year. I move from the southwest to the midwest. I really didn't want to go, but I had to be obedient and let all my things go. Talk about a culture shock.I forgot how cold it can get in Ohio. I forgot about how twenty degree tempertures can chill your bones. I forgot about the how you have to wear layers to keep warm. Snow boots, hats and coats, forgot about all the snow. I remember real quick when the first snow hit. Started crying, telling God I can't do this. Started complaining one night when I was walking through the snow. He gave me a poem letting me know, there is beauty in everything, even in the snow. Clean and refreshing is the snow. It clears your head and there's no thunder like it is when it rains. No pounding or beating on the window panes. It just lightly falls, God calls it White Rain.

White rain cold and frozen but when it comes
down there is no stain.
Silent in motion it comes down like rain.
Queitly frozen no shapes are the same.
There is a beauty in the falling of
white rain.

As strange as it seems I found a peace watching and walking through the snow. A time to be quiet and listen to the voice I want to know. A season that has me standing still. Learning how and when to do his will. Seeing a change in me each day, whether I'm walking through the rain or snow. It's refreshing to know that your in his will when you learn how to listen an be still.

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