Monday, March 28, 2011

Love, loves me

Why is it that I didn’t get to choose love, but love chose me? Love paid a price for me, and it wasn’t free. Love made a sacrifice so I could be free. Whipped thirty-nine times until like raw meat, nailed to a tree and not once did love complain; love lay down and took all my pain. Crushed with thorns that would have driven any man out of his mind, but through the blood in his eyes he saw mine.

I didn’t choose love, it chose me. Complicated is love to me, never ask for love to stand in the gap for me. To give up paradise so I could have eternity. Never asked for love to do this for me, funny how love knew what needed to be. It’s a mystery to the angels and me, how Love can love beyond anything we can understand, and to give us a choice to love freely is something beyond me.
To leave instructions on how it was really meant to be. In the beginning it was Love and me. Walking and talking in the cool of the eve. Where creation was in harmony with Love and me, everything was as it should be. Love teaching me and having everything I need. Nothing missing, nothing lacking is what Love has for me. Love takes care of me if I choose to believe, and with Love I am forever free.
So the question is still left to be answer. Why is it that I didn’t get to choose Love, but love chose me? Because I didn’t create me to be pleasing to me, I was created from love to please Love. I am the in the image of Love and not in the image of me. It’s a complex question with a simple answer.

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