Friday, January 15, 2010

A Resolution to a New Years Revolution

I haven’t blogged anything for awhile, please forgive me,
but I only write as the Spirit leads me.
The month of January is always a challenging month for me.
A time for new beginnings, a time to trust Him when I can not see.
So many of us become optimistic of the future and what lies
ahead. We start our twenty-one day fast in hopes to make
a brand new start, praying for something new to happen
instead of praying for God to change our hearts.
All our Father really wants from you is to sit with him and
allow Him to dwell in you.
Our temple is for his to habitation, not a place where the flesh
can continue infestation.
A Living Stone our we, with Him as the cornerstone, which is above the
apostles, prophets and priests.
The church is in you, not the four walls you go to. When you attend
church His presence should already be abiding in you,
not in the pews that seat you.
The word is the foundation that must work in our lives, it is
the truth that can not be compromise.
We must not fail to have a relationship with him, it is a relationship of
the beginning and end, today and yesterday so we may have
eternal life with him.
Yes, this month we began anew. I Pray that you will allow the
His Holy Spirit to revolve in you.

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