Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holding on to the Possibilities

Anything is possible if you choose to believe. You can accomplish whatever you desire to do. I believe the reason why most people don't explore their possibilities is because they are afraid of the unknown. Fear has a crippling effect on so many people and that fear keeps them in bondage to pursue their dreams. Past mistakes and failures for some can be very discouraging if they’re not around the right people. However, being around the right people can also be harmful to that person if they don’t understand the dream or vision. Sometimes it pays to keep some things out of the ears of others. Some people without realizing can say something negative that can be harmful or may even hinder the person’s dream or vision.
I often think about John the Baptist's father, Zechariah, who was made mute because he didn't believe in the possibility of his wife Elizabeth becoming pregnant. Now considering the circumstances at the time it wasn't likely for them to have artificial simulation, so the only way for them to conceive was the natural way; and seeing that they have tried for many years to have a child, Zechariah was a little puzzle how this was to be done. Instead of Zechariah just believing what Gabriel said, he was thinking too hard on how this would work instead of just believing. So instead of allowing Zechariah to speak negative words and infecting negative thoughts into his wife, Elizabeth, Gabriel shut his mouth until John the Baptist was born. It was during that time when Elizabeth was carrying the promise of her son, that Zechariah or anyone else who didn't believe couldn't abort the vision, the dream that was given to her. It was during that time that her cousin Mary came to assist her in the birth of her son, because she too was carrying a promise, a vision that and only her and Elizabeth could share and agree on. Both of them doing what seem impossible to others became possible for them, because they believed.
So believe that anything is possible and don't shatter the dreams or visions of others. Doing that could produce fear and abort the vision before they get started. Be like Zechariah, who unfortunately was made mute because he did not believe; but he watch and observed the miracles that were taking place in both his wife and niece. You know the cool thing about John the Baptist and Jesus’s conception and birth is that it was based on a promise that was given four years before, and the person who predicted the birth of these two men did not get to see the full manifestation, but they believed. 

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