Saturday, December 22, 2012


Now that the tears have been wiped away,
I can truly say that you’re luring me to trust you each day. 
Although today is tough for me comprehend. 
I still want you to direct me in your plans.
I need your help now more than I ever have before; 
as I grow older I’m beginning to understand a little more. 

This is the point where the circle ends. Each day is a new day 
and I’m willing to try again. Each day somewhere I miss 
the mark, but you’re the glue that doesn't allow me to 
fall completely apart. You hold me, you mold me, and put me back
together again. My will, emotions and thoughts are
being pulled towards you again. Your words, your thoughts,
are like a warm summer breeze that kisses my lips, and 
with one deep sigh, I can breathe again. We’re like lovers
who have grown apart; each one stands alone wanting 
each other’s heart. Standing there, waiting for each other 
to take the first step so we can join together and 
be one mind, one thought. I cry, you groan. 
I throw tempera- tantrums because I want my way. 
You stand there and look at me, and say;

 “I’m still here waiting for you to grow-up and conform to my ways. 
Yes, I’m standing, waiting on you. My arms are wide open. 
Come and rest in my will, my plans have not changed for you.  
I made a promise and the promise is not new, it’s still real. 
It’s the same promise that was made before you were in 
your mother’s womb. My love for you hasn't grown cold.
It’s deeper than you can imagine, because it’s not like any 
love you have ever known. It’s stain in blood that came 
with a high price and you’re cover from head to toe.
I brought you with my life.” 

As I listen, your voice fills my spirit again.
I can feel the warmth of your hug, and my tears 
fall to wash away the pain that try to take control again. 
Like child that is reunited with their parent, like a lover
who has found the other part of their soul, I find myself
at peace again. Knowing that we are one again, knitted 
together without one stitch lost. Etch in the record where
the needle plays in the grooves, but the sound doesn't 
play the rhythm and blues. It sings the songs of Solomon 
and his bride’s heart. We’re like lovers that who seek 
desperately to never be apart, trusting like a child who
knows his Father’s heart.

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