Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Image Are You?

As the holiday season is upon us, I can’t help but see all the images that portray the season we’re in. It’s Christmas hooray and more, seeing the worries on people’s faces as they run around looking for the best deals for their daily, weekly or monthly wages.
Hum, I think to myself as they race through the store. Have they thought about those who can’t afford? Have they thought about them all year long? Did they know that some one has lost their home and everything they own? They have a gimme, gimme, gimme look on their worried little faces. I pay my offerings and tithes with a smug look on their faces.
They say they are Christians you see, they say that, greater is he who is me; “hey, hey, hey, look at me. I am the image of Christ that’s what a Christian means.” Oh really I think to myself, well let me see. When was the last time you took a friend to church, or called to see if they needed anything, to make sure they weren’t sick or hurt? When did you pay some ones’ rent so they wouldn’t be out with only their shirt? When did you clean out your pantry, refrigerator or give away the best clothes you don’t wear? “I do that”, you say, “I do that once every year.” Oh yes, Christmas time I suppose, that’s when it’s proper to give with cheer,” Tis the season to be jolly, during this time of year.” But what is your image all year long? Is Christ only there when good fortune comes along? Is it there when the haves’ have and the have not s’, not; Um, I think not. The image of Christ is all year round you see. The Image of Christ is not the gifts under the tree or a once a year thing, don’t you see. The image that so many claim to have is when you give your last so your neighbor can have. It’s a sacrifice, an image of love from you to me. The Image that was portrayed by the man you call Savior who die and rose again so we can be free.
It says in his word to love completely, all year long; not when it’s the proper time or when you fortune seems to be on the raise. Give of your time in prayer and song. Give, not just at this time but all year long. This is the image you want others to see, an image of Christ who showed us how to be in his and not in the image of I, you or me.

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