Monday, December 14, 2009

It’s Okay to let it out

Its okay to let it out when you’re disappointed and you don’t know what to do. Its okay let it go, tell God, “Lord, I’m confuse, tell me, tell me, what I should do. I’ve done all I know how, the rest I leave to you. I’m trying to be strong and trust in you, but everywhere I turn nothing seems to come through.”
Its okay let it out, let it flow, cry to your hearts content it detoxifies the soul. Don’t hold it in and allow bitterness to poison you. Let it out and cry, “Lord, I need a breakthrough.” I Know know we’re suppose to be strong, but somehow the tears that fall really do help you to go on.
So let it all out when you’re alone. Let him hear your cries, your worries and your moans; for it is his Spirit that speaks to you, the Holy Spirit that intercedes for you.
Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak or upset that you didn’t get your way. It just means you’re human and you know that God’s way is the best way. So let it out and let it go, it heals the mind, body, spirit and soul.

©all rights reserve 12/14/09

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