Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Speak

Urban Life Production 
I speak the things you taught me to say, you made it possible,
you made the way. I have so much power in what comes from
my tongue, there is no room for negativity to come.
No negative word should come from my mouth when it’s already done.

I speak life as you have done; every word has power, because
there is life and death in the tongue.
When I think it, and say it, it is done. I speak what you speak,
you say it is finished, then it’s finished, it’s done.
Look at the power of my tongue, what I don’t feel or see it will come.

I speak from the seeds you have given me.
The sixty six books that I carry with me. They are the power
that you have given me, I ask and it is given to me.
I say it and it comes to me, life not death is a part of me,
Blessings not curses are upon me.
Every word I speak is water to my seed, and the fruit that comes
is what was planted in me. So I speak, I speak, carefully.

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